Plaque Eligibility/Criteria

Criteria provide basic requirements and limitations for an appropriate plaque and are provided to help you to help us honor the veteran in an appropriate manner.  Adhering to our guidelines is both required and appreciated. 


All Veterans of the U.S. Armed Services, living or deceased, who have been honorably discharged are eligible for a plaque on the Memorial Walls.  In addition, those who served in the Merchant Marine during WWII are also eligible. 


The DD Form 214 or other documentation of service.  If that document is not accessible, family members may contact eVetRecs for research help.

Individual Plaque:

Honors individual veteran.  If both husband and wife served during a war, conflict, or crises then both may be on the same plaque (limited to 16”x8” or 12”x8” size only).

Multi-Name Family Plaque:

Limited to 16”x8” and 12”x8” sizes.  The plaque can have up to seven names total and may be devoted to one group or family of qualified veterans.  Only name, rank, service and the war, conflict or crises is stated and flag logo.  For entire plaque dedicated to one family, title: Fowler War Veterans is appropriate.

Pricing is the same as individual plaques in the same size.

Corporate/Organization Plaques:

For corporations and non-military organizations.  Two sizes: 16”x8” and 12”x8”.

Military Organization/Group Plaques:

For ship, regiment, squadron, division, unit, etc.  Two sizes: 16”x8” and 12”x8”.

Plaque Design:

Assistance is provided at no cost for research, design, service and family appreciation statement, and to ensure current established criteria are followed.

Plaque References:

Highest grade held is listed.  Names, photos, recognition, etc., of relatives or friends, hometowns, marriages, recruit training, schools, and service schools are not permitted with the exception of the military service academy and the date of such graduation.  Before or after service occupations, “retired”, “deceased”, are also not permitted.

Plaque Dates:

Dates of "KIA, "MIA", "POW" or "Died while serving" dates served in direct combat and/or important battle dates in which the veteran was involved that "tell the story of the veteran" are permitted.


Any size photo in color or black and white is acceptable.  Original, clear photos reproduce best.  If e-mailed, send in jpg format, 600 dpi.  Preferably, photo should show the veteran in military uniform, in military aircraft, aboard ship, in action, etc.  Some capability exists to remove background clutter if necessary.  Standard “Picture-in-picture” layout is available for an added fee of $50.00 with extra charges for specialized work.  Print name on the back of photos as they will be returned.  For eligible veteran husband and wife as described in Individual Plaque above, photos on plaque could be either together or separate.

Medals and Ribbons:

Optional, but when listed, they will be in the proper sequence.  Special or prestigious “other” awards may be included as approved by the Mt. Soledad Veterans Committee.

Logos and Patches:

Within space limitations, the veteran’s Corps, Division, ships and hull numbers, aircraft, tanks, patches, logos, etc., may be included.  One veteran support organization symbol (e.g. American Legion, VFW, etc.) may also be included as well as one religious symbol.

Veteran’s Service Statement:

Strongly encouraged but optional.  If used, the statement should not exceed 25 words and must be directed to the veteran’s war record that “tells the story of the veteran”.

Family Appreciation:

Optional, but if used should not exceed six words maximum and may not include lineage (husband, wife, father, son, etc.) or eulogy (praise, commendation, event, thing); e.g., With love, your family; Your service to country is appreciated.  The words “family” or “family and friends” are to be used in lieu of any lineage/names.  Bible verse quotation is not allowed but reference to the verse is acceptable; e.g., Jude 1:21

Plaque Approval/Placement:

Final plaque approval and placement on the memorial walls is solely vested with the Mt. Soledad Memorial Veterans Committee and must follow the architectural patterns. 

Honor Ceremony:

An honor ceremony is available by a Mt. Soledad Veteran Volunteer for minimum donation of $150.00 to the Association.  For an additional $250.00 a flag and display case is available.  Information concerning honor guard, bagpipes, or other services is provided upon request as they are not part of the Association. 

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