Veteran Plaques

Honoring veterans who have served our country is the mission of the Mt. Soledad Memorial Association.  We accomplish this, in part, through the placement of black granite plaques on the walls of the Memorial.  There are over 3,000 plaques honoring veterans, living and deceased, from the Revolutionary War to the current conflicts in the Middle East. 

The plaques on the walls tell the stories of scores of men and women from Presidents, Medal of Honor recipients, Admirals, Generals, Hollywood celebrities and thousands of others with names that are unfamiliar, but who proudly served our country to help protect the freedoms we enjoy as Americans.

Locating Plaques

If you would like to find a particular plaque of a family member, friend, or prominent individual, you may use our plaque locator to determine the location of the plaque and also view it online.  A map of the walls of the Memorial is available.

If you’re considering ordering a plaque, review the 5 easy steps, sample plaques, and acquiring a plaque pages.

Ronald Reagan16 x 8 – $1,800

Allen MiliefskyChristopher Earl

12 x 8 – $1,200
8 x 8 – $950

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