The Mt. Soledad Memorial Association, a non-profit organization largely staffed by volunteers, is asking you to volunteer your time and talents.

Volunteer your time to honor veterans and help support the Mt. Soledad Memorial Association at the Memorial site, in your community or in our office.

Why Volunteer?

  • Support veterans who help make our country free
  • Learn and share history first-hand from veterans and gain insight into their valuable contributions to our society
  • Share your community spirit with other volunteers and have fun
  • Help with furthering the mission and goals of the Mt. Soledad Memorial Association

How can I help?


  • Answer visitor questions at Memorial as Docent
  • Honor our American Flag – raise and lower flag at Memorial
  • Train or schedule volunteer corps
  • Conduct veterans’ ceremonies at the Memorial
  • Promote sale of plaques
  • Help keep our site clean
  • Volunteer at Memorial or Veterans Day programs
  • Identify speaking opportunities or speak to clubs and organizations
  • Provide clerical help, phones, maintain records, organize mailings (computer experience: email, Word, Excel, Access or QuickBooks)

Email volunteers@soledadmemorial.com if you would like to volunteer.

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